Computer operations are a major part of the business education programs. Students learn to operate computers in a modern computer lab using a variety of software that includes word processing, spreadsheet, database, accounting, and desktop publishing.

It means arithmetic, logical, monitoring, storage or retrieval functions and any combination thereof, and includes, but is not limited to, communication with, storage of data to, or retrieval of data from any device or human hand manipulation of electronic or magnetic impulses. A “computer operation” for a particular computer may also be any function for which that computer was generally designed.

What will a student learn in two semesters?

1st Semester:

  • English 1st Paper
  • Bangla 1st Paper
  • Computer Office Application 1st Paper
  • Economics 1st Paper
  • Computer Programming Concept
  • Business Math and Statistics (BMS) 1.
  • Accounting 1st Paper
  • Business Organization & Management 1st Paper
  • Principles of Marketing & Application 1st Paper

 2nd Semester:

  • English 2nd Paper
  • Bangla 2nd Paper
  • Computer Office Application 2nd Paper
  • Accounting 2nd Paper
  • Business Organization Management 2nd Paper
  • Office Management 2nd Paper
  • Business English & Communication
  • Database Management System
  • Principles of Marketing & Application 2nd Paper

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